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Creative, inventive, mastermind, or one, it doesn't matter if it's fun

BUT!! Here are a few projects if you want to help future generations of all life forms.

1. Solar Ray detector connected to super computer. This will enable analysis of objects in our Universe based on mass, dispersion, and electronic disruption; so long as the solar rays can pass through the matter. This will revolutionize all types of security detection and will be also be a non invasive means to perform medical diagnosis. It will affect every aspect of our lives.

2. Tiny battery sized spent radioactive projectiles will be input into thermodynamic heat transfer apparatus to create energy heat transfer and operate hybrid automobile engines. Objective is to reduce or eliminate use of hydrocarbons while also enabling minimum engineering change in exisiting construction of combustion engine and also to utilize the spent radioactive material. There will no longer be combustion but instead there will be spontaneous explosion created by heat transfer so water or other medium will creat the energy burst to move pistons.

3. We now have the ability to manipulate our physical world with the use of RF waves ( ultrasound and so forth ) . Nasa has proven through past experiments that these same waves can be used to move objects in a medium. The objective for mankind would be to simulate all forms of chemical, mineral, and biological mediums and with the use of RF waves reformulation of material and manufacturing can be easier and less expensive and in some cases greater purity in the final product. This requires a lot of Academic testing and resultant databases of materials and their amalgamation so that the advantages of RF wave dispersion can be tested for it's benefits to mankind.

4. Solar energy is a fantastic area of research where "cost versus efficiency" is the guideline for success or failure. Sand is extremely abundant and composed of many particles useful for solar energy. Now it is not cost efficient to obtain this solar material. Find an inexpensive method to separate the useful parts of sand. This will be a success.

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