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Life out there?

Within the confines of our Planet Earth, our species, the Homosapien, has convinced himself that his planet is the center of the Universe and life. If life exists elsewhere it must be microbal and certainly not intelligent. Is this an instinct of survival, a forgotten mantra to keep pandora's box closed, a comprehension of it's too big, an ignorance bred by historical beliefs, or a truth?

In the fullness of time as our planet's resources are depleted, our children and their children's children become more numerous, and mankind looks for answers; where will they look?

Long and Slender, Hard and Cold

The Farmer and Shepherd religously raise their sheep caring for them and protecting them day and night. Then suddenly with a knife long and slender, hard and cold, this kind protector cuts the throat of his lamb and looks forward to the feast to come. So we must be prepared, in this wide wide Universe for the time when the evolutionary brothers of some unfortunate life forms on Earth may arrive. When they see what we, the Humans have done to their less intelligent brothers, will they say, no problem the Humans are intelligent therefore they have the right to kill and eat whatever and whoever they wish? Or will their eyes, their tentacles, their mandibles, their jaws, harden and cry out, "clear this planet of these killer beasts?"

The One

I see a light in the darkness. It shines so brightly that my mind cannot see anything else. When I look elsewhere there are other things, but none so bright as this light. What can this mean in a Universe of so many interesting things?

Well, here we go down the eternal road of many varied opinons and multicolored paths of here and there and everywhere. Why can't everything be more simple? I just don't know.

Back to the light. It is such a smoothing light but unfortunately there is only one. So, there is only one light to follow, not many. This is the contradiction to varied opinions and multicolored paths; there can be only one Truth because there is only One. The One is the center of all, the flame of life, the all encompassing everything, yet only the One. Meandering, dithering, slippery talk, but simply put a common thread. All thoughts have no meaning or validity where truth resides, the one resides, the light resides.

This is a very simple and true story. I was desperate to know God, to see his face, to personally feel his touch. This yearning was one of desperation. Before going to bed I prayed so hard. I said to the Lord God. Please, just let me see your face. I beseech you. Let me see your face, your face, your face. In the night I woke to find my body, rigid, from head to toe, moving up and down, up and down, on the bed, faster and faster, beyond my control into the air and back down to the bed over and over again. Worse, awake and unable to stop the ever increasing up and down movement, I felt a great darkness opening up. I felt my whole consciousness falling into a dark and evil well. Time was running out. I felt like if I gave up, I would be lost forever. I cried out. "God, God, please help me." My body fell silent, the dark hole disappeared, and I was so so thankful. From that day forward, I felt that I had seen the face of God, on his terms. Witness

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