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China's Holocaust

Acceptance of guilt is a first Step in genuine remorse.

Remembering is Preventing

Committee for Chinese Holocaust Museum of the United States

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Unlike the German government and people, the Japanese have not accepted their guilt in the massacre of hundred of thousands and perhaps millions of innocents. This blood can never be cleansed, can never be forgiven, and will haunt the shadows of the Japanese culture until the process of acceptance of guilt and request for forgiveness is cherished.

Revisionist views of Japan's imperialist expansion into the Asian mainland, World War Two, and it's many crimes, is compounded by the untruthful education of Japanese children. This is a further crime against humanity and future peace.

It has been claimed that in the aftermath of the War, that the United States, and other victorious governments, secretly collected data on chemical and biological experiments which had been derived by unspeakable acts carried out on Chinese and American prisoners. Worse, is the claim that Japanese scientists who committed these acts were secretly allowed to work and given amnesty after the War if they cooperated by giving scientific information. If this is true then this is a crime against humanity. We hope this is not true but history will eventually be the judge.

The Nanjing Massacre

Memorial Hall of the Victims in the Nanjing Massacre

The Rape of Nanking by Jennier Butt

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