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Light and Dark

Sky is Light, Sky is Dark
Just an Edge of me in Sight.
In ancient times I brought Fear
But today, I'm held dear.

My Name You Know

I am a fighter, born to win... also to lose.
My history is long, its' pages are bloody.
As an individual at first, I repelled invaders.
I lost in death ... with life I was victorious.
At last a spark, a coming together.
I became many...fighting as one ... winning.
From Egypt's Delta of Life at the Niles outlet, I fanned outward...conquering all.
The fertile Crescent was mine ... To Keep!
Using Copper, staple of our diet, we won.
There came a time when another of ours came.
With him he brought weapons of iron. Hitting us with the strength of knowledge ...
We lost.
The Assyrians, dark of skin, have hoisted banners.
Of a different stamp and thought. They brought power and vengeance with iron.
Time is the unconquerable, bringing defeat.
I died in China to be reborn another time.
At Marathon and Thermopolae, I proved my mettle.
I won.
Alexander leading brought me to heights. Under him I never lost...
There was a leader.
But a time came when mastery was accomplished.
Beginning along the banks of the Tiber, I built Rome...I guarded her frontiers.
With me, the greatest Empire was built.
When I slowed, lost momentum, an Empire fell... never to be reborn.
I came again with the Franks, the Goths.
With the Vandals my arm sacked Rome.
Rampant I ran once more in small bands.
Disorderly with savage leaders, I stagnated.
I brought fear in hearts with the Hun, Tartar, and dreaded Mongol.
Then a man..., a savage was given Inspiration. Yes!
Inspiration which brought glory to my ranks.
Charlemagne, Emperor of the Franks, the redeemer.
Sending me to all corners, I conquered.
On Ireland, the mysterious green isle, I lost. But with a leader...Brian Boru, I won ...
The Vikings vanquished at Dublin.
Time ... so.. much.. time ... passed .....
The Banner of England ... saw me ... Catch the Rising Sun ...
Feel the Setting.
With America I proved my worth... still am.
Wilhelm and Adolf showed me the path.
Stalin hard as rock taught me to stand.
Asia gave me secrecy, stealth and fear.
On foreign shores distant and lonely I have fallen.
Home ground sacred to my people have seen me die ... bravely.
Unfriendly prisons rank with death have seen me show valor.
Enemy, the same as I...have mixed Arm with Arm...
The better... the winner.
Courage ... Strength... Skill ... Endurance ...
This is my motto... my sword.
Surely you know me.
My name is yours to hail.
For as the sword I am a tree.
Without me you could not stand.

Copyright © 2000 - 2005,, All Rights Reserved.