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Life is only one form of universal expression in a unique Universe where all forms are interchangeable and in so being are proof that mind over matter is simply a symbiosis between the inanimate and animate that is part of an unending, unbroken chain. Of course we must suspect that this chain had to be kicked off, perhaps in the form as hypothesized by the famous Roman Catholic Theologian, Thomas Aquinas; The Theory of the Prime Mover! So what does this have to do with Health, Sports and Recreation? Everything! We are so lucky! Unlike the unfortunate inanimate forms in our Universe, we are aware and so have a choice in how we coexist with all things great and small. By Being healthy and active, we fit closer within the framework of a Univeral brotherhood and synergetic relationship where all forms bend, shape, and move as one and without conflict. A good example of this type of synergy is the Buddhist Monk who walks thru walls, those who see the future, faith healers, and happy people.

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